Diagnostic Assessment:

This comprehensive assessment will:

  • identify or confirm a mental health diagnosis in children and adolescents

  • identify strengths and needs of the child and family

  • gather clinical information about the child or adolescents history and background

The result of this assessment will render recommendations for services that may be beneficial to your child, based on the information provided.  This assessment can be shared with other providers as needed.

CALOCUS Assessment

*Child and Adolescent Level of Care Utilization System*

This assessment works to determine the appropriate level of care for children and adolescents.  Utilized in conjunction with the Diagnostic Assessment it helps to provide a well rounded assessment and recommendation for the child or adolescents services.

Other Assessments I use:

Child Behavior Checklist

DSM-V Cross Cutting Symptom Measure

Child and Adolescent Trauma Screen

Beck Depression Inventory

Short Mood and Feelings Questionnairre

Life Events Checklist (for adults)

Adult and Adolescent Parenting Inventory